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Official Developer Update - September 2022


Chief Technology Officer
Senior Developer
Quality Assurance Manager

Hiya guys,

We've been a bit quiet over the past few weeks about what's happening behind the scenes, so I thought we should give you an update on what to expect over the coming weeks/months.

But first, we have a small changelog of some bug fixes and a couple of quality of life changes:

Bug Fix Update
- Fixed 'OG' Achievement being given to players who join after release week.
- Decrease the time it takes for the crate platform to disappear after a crate has been opened.
- [Paintball] Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't end if the last player on a team quit.
- [Crystal Quest] Simplified game description in order for players to find it easier to understand how to play.
- [FFA] Players will now lose hunger over time, which can be regenerated by attacking players.

What's been happening?
Honestly, not too much other than bug fixes at the moment. As I do currently work full-time and I am due to go back to University at the end of September, I have been super busy. That doesn't mean we've been doing nothing though, as we have some very exciting things coming in the future that's been super exciting to plan and start development on soon!

Upcoming updates
The next planned update will be a parkour update in the Lobby. As some may know, I develop a free, open-source Parkour plugin hosted on Spigot. As a result, I don't imagine this update will take long to complete so you can expect that super soon. I am planning on throwing in some extra surprises so keep your eye out for that update!

We do also have another game planned but this is a bit more complicated. It was originally planned for release but due to the complexity of the game, was pushed back so we could concentrate on getting the network as ready as possible! Our current aim for the release of this game is Christmas but may get pushed back depending on work, Uni, etc.

A little further out
We have yet another game planned which we are super excited to bring to you! We are in the process of planning a story-based SkyBlock-type game. Now, please bare in mind we will go into more detail as we get further into development, but I will tell you a few things we already have planned.

It will not actually be a SkyBlock but will take on many of the aspects of SkyBlock that people enjoy, with a few twists. The aim is for the game to be a long-term game that people can spend a lot of time in. We plan to have several storylines (with 1 overarching story), sidequests (similar to GTA if you play) and lots of places to explore and things to do. Similarly to SkyBlock, you will have an "island" that won't be an island (spoilers!) that will act as your home, and you can go to different places to get resources and explore.

While we won't go into specifics too much as there is still a lot to plan, we will say that development for this game will start later this month/early next month, and we are expecting a launch towards April-June time next year.

Just an aside...
We are looking for small-medium content creators to partner/sponsor with! If you're interested or know someone who might be, contact us at [email protected] with a channel link, platform, and a little bit about yourself.

We are also looking for builders. Find out more info here.

We hope that gives you an update on what's going on, and we're excited for what is to come!

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