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Official Build Team Changes & Job Opening


Chief Operations Officer
Quality Assurance
Heya, everyone!

We're excited to bring you our first official job opening and let everyone know of changes we're making to how our Build Team works.

Let's start off by addressing the main change to how the team will work- From January 1st onwards, Builder will no longer be a "volunteer" role but will be based more on a commission-type system.

What this means is that, whilst for now, we cannot provide a wage to our Builders, we will be paying them for the maps they create for us. Whilst we won't be going into details about how this will be handled, as it is entirely a backend process, it will be known that our builders are rewarded for their hard work.

Unfortunately for many, these changes mean that we will be changing the age requirements for our Build Team from 16 years old to 18 years old, as it is with any of our official jobs. Additionally, the build team will now be listed under https://auroramc.net/jobs rather than our applications hub.

The position of Builder will be open permanently unless we are changing internal systems that require us to close them. However, an announcement will be made if they are closed.

If you're interested in joining our Build Team, head over to our jobs page now and submit an application if you meet all of the requirements.

Additionally, we would like to congratulate @Berend on joining the Leadership Team as our Build Team Lead- We are excited to get started on working with him!

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