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NuttersSMP Release

We're happy to announce that we're partnering with Jellypeanut to host The NuttersSMP.

On top of the standard AuroraMC Network Rules, we also have some SMP specific rules.
  • No Griefing
  • No Stealing
  • As with the rest of the network, no cheating.
  • Be respectful to one another.

If you've played on the previous NuttersSMP, many of the old, and much loved features will make a reappearance on the New SMP including:
  • KeepInventory enabled in the overworld only
  • Teleport Requests
  • /back command
  • Being able to set a home and teleport to it (There's a twist to this one)
  • The ability to lock containers - Chests, Furnaces, etc (There's also a twist to this one)
  • Fire Spread disabled
  • NightSkip
  • The Nether will be closed from public access for the first week of the SMP and The End will remain disabled until an event is announced.

Next up is the new feature that we think you will all love, teams. On this new SMP, players will have the ability to create and join teams with other players whilst playing. Creating and joining a team will provide many different benefits including, but not limited to:

  • The ability to set a team name which will display in both chat and tab menu
  • The ability to set a shared team home (This will allow anyone that is part of your team to teleport to the same home without having to set it all individually) This will override a player's personal home
  • A shortcut for locking containers (You will be able to lock a container automatically to every player that is in your team, rather than having to add them all individually)

A word of warning- We will have the ability to see who, when and how blocks were altered if a player reports an issue with griefing, and will be taking all cases of griefing very seriously. If you are found to be...
Hey everyone,

Today we're bringing the long-awaited infrastructure update that we've been hyping over the past couple of weeks. With over 80,000 line changes occurring in 1200+ files, we're excited about what's to come as a result of this update and we hope you are too. Additionally, we've made some quality-of-life changes and fixed quite a few issues with this patch. Be sure to check out the changelog below.

New Infrastructure
  • Our internal API has been overhauled to increase the speed of future updates.
  • Our server and proxy cores have been merged into 1 project.
  • Server-side Player events have been overridden with custom events to make future development easier.
  • Cosmetics and achievements are now registered by the base AuroraMC API, so issues with plugin version mismatches and forgetting to register cosmetics or achievements are now significantly reduced.
  • Abstracted common code from our Proxy and Server cores to make future development easier.
  • Abstracted common Player functions to be runnable from our internal default AuroraMCPlayer class, resultantly we have disabled our developer access to the Player object.
  • Message formatting should now be consistent between versions, as we have switched from using Strings with Formatting Codes to using base component messages.
  • Certain cosmetic types will now remain enabled regardless of whether or not cosmetics are enabled in a server.
  • Items in the main cosmetic GUI now glow when a cosmetic of that type is currently active.
  • A hidden achievement has been made less sensitive due to certain strings in chat triggering the achievement to be achieved.
  • Holograms have been slightly reworked to prevent lag.
  • Players will now receive reminders in the Lobby if they do not have their account linked to Discord.
  • Captain Calypso has fixed his issue and gone on to his final destination...
Heya everyone!

Today we're bringing you some new maps, as well as some fixes to some of our already live maps! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this update and we hope that you like the changes we've made.





In this update, we're fixing a decent amount of bugs found over the past 2 weeks, some game-breaking and some not so much. We appreciate everyone who helped find these bugs and report them to us, and we also appreciate those that helped us test the fixes! Please remember to report bugs at https://auroramc.net/bug-report/ if you find any!

- Fixed a bug where hot potato would not display correctly in the /viewgames menu, making it not able to open properly.
- The report reasons in /report are now sorted alphabetically.

- Fixed the filter still changing words to "HONK!" instead of it being consistent with the words used in game.

- The website will now display an overlaid watermark if a game was void.
- GameLogs will now display when debug or admin commands are used during a game.

- Fixed a bug where chests from crates would remain open when opening another crate for any player who saw the previous crate opening.
- Fixed a bug that caused Emotes to not be given when opening crates, causing emerald crates to bug out when a player has all cosmetics.
- Fixed a bug where you could open chests that appear during Crate Animations as if they were regular Minecraft Chests.
- Added an 'Ongoing Games' section of the game menu to allow players to see what games are currently ongoing.

Game Engine
- Fixed a bug where rain would appear randomly if the weather changes mid-game (for real this time).
- Fixed a bug where if the Grappling Hook gadget was enabled, you could use it in games where a fishing rod was obtainable (for real this time).
- Fixed a bug where, for team games, the last player leaving would not result in the game ending.
- Fixed a bug with Twerk Apocalypse where the fake players would spawn in the air if the map had any blocks above the players.
- Fixed a bug where a server would get stuck in a gameplay state if all...
Here comes another massive changelog from us! We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some excellent updates and bug fixes! This one comes with a cool new feature we've been working on for a while now and have finished implementing. Originally it was going to be a staff tool, but as it was so awesome we decided why not make it public!

Without further adieu, here are all the changes this time round:

Game Logs
Game Logs are now available at https://gamelogs.auroramc.net/!

- Logs will generate automatically at the end of each game and be sent to each player in the lobby.
- You can view your most recent game logs through the /viewgames command.
- Game Logs will show you the full list of events that happened during the game- For longer games, this may mean you have to scroll quite a bit.

- Game Logs will provide you with basic game information such as:
• When the game started.
• Players in the game, including which team they were on and which kit they were using.
• The game that was played.
• The server that the game was played in.
• When the game ended and who won the game.

Game Logs will not generally provide statistics (Kills, EXP Earned, etc)- However, this may be worked out for things like kills if the player wishes to do so.

Other Changes
- Added 6 new emotes that can be obtained through crates.
- Fixed rain appearing in game when weather changes after the game has started.
- The message for Chat Slow & Chat Silence has been modified slightly.
- The filter will now replace words with 'BLEEP!", "BLOOP!", "BLORP!" or "BLURP!" rather than "HONK!".

- The number of rewards you have to claim is now displayed above the NPC in the lobby.
- Parkour teleport to last checkpoint item has been changed from an enderpearl to an eye of ender.
- 'The Monke' has been retired from it's duties and is now in a...